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Insider Secrets To Learning The Passap Knitting Machine


Ask yourself, what if you were able to get access to a comprehensive toolbox of the most current, cutting-edge, and useful information about knitting on your Passap E 6000?  Would that be of interest  to you?

What if you could take all of my life experience and knowledge and use it to keep yourself from making the same mistakes others are making in trying to learn the Passap knitting machine?

Wouldn’t you at least take a look?

I teach people how to take the best of what I have learned from my own life experiences with the Passap knitting machine and learn the ways to use that information combined with new information to reduce their learning curve and increase their fun with this amazing knitting machine.

You can’t learn what I have to teach you anywhere else on or off the web today.

When I started with the Passap this is what happened to me.Passap Content I own every bit of Passap information available. I was astonished at how much was left out of the material. I attended seminars and hired factory trained instructors and came up empty handed. They just were not trained to show you what to do just to sell you and move on to the next sale.

I was just not getting all of the information I needed to actually use the machine correctly. At the same time I was getting more orders for my knitwear than I could do myself so I developed this training to use when I hired the people to help me with production.


I know that you can take the knitting strategy, methods, and instruction I will give you and use it to build a set of knitting skills to allow you to knit whatever you want.


Here is what my members are saying:

“The videos are wonderful – just what the beginner and the one who want a refresher needs.  I really do appreciate your advice and the knowledge that I have gained from you already.”   Rita

“I enjoyed the information you sent.  It helped me get back into the knitting mood.” Ruth

“I think your videos are awesome!!  That kind of instruction is what I have been looking for, very clear, very precise and its hands-on like having the instructor right there with you in the room.” Renee

“Now this is what I’m talking about! This is excellent – I really like the fact that you showed the book and where to find the info there as well as demonstrating the technique and pointing out each thing to look for.” Laurie

“I think your lesson plans are terrific!” Sarah

You might find that this method will help you too.


Perhaps the Most  Exclusive Passap Knitting Training on the Web


I am a knitwear designer who has produced 6 lines of knit ready-to-wear every year for over 28+ years.

In addition:

• I spent weeks and hundreds dollars preparing a step-by-step system that anyone can use to succeed from day one.

• I’ve logged hours taping demonstration video walk through segments that will dramatically accelerate your Passap knitting learning curve.

• I stay current with trends and fashion practices and deliver them to you every month in content and video training.


It’s designed to give you what I call “Knitting Muscle Memory” which means you’ll automatically make the best knitting decision in every situation because you will know the how and why you are doing the steps.

Every week there is information for you to build upon so you have the next step you need to increase your Passap knitting skill. The information is in the members area so you can read, watch or review at your convenience. Plus you will get bonus information each month you remain a member.




I also write a magazine each month for Passap knitters. You can get the information at  Buy monthly or pick the months that have the information you are looking for so you can get started.

Are you ready to be extraordinary?

Passap Knitter MEMBERS Gets Results Every Single Time and The Best Machine Knitters started as First-Class Students.

OK, now that you know exactly what you are getting and how it can change your life, you have three options:

  1. Ignore This New found Information (This Is Called Passing Up A Great Opportunity)
  2. Think About Whether Or Not This Is For You (When There’s No Risk Involved, This Is Called Procrastination)
  3. Own This Information And Put It To Use (This Is Called Being Proactive And Taking Action)